Application Process and Terms

  1. Every prospective tenant 18 years or older must fill out an application.
  2. Before Georges & Company can process an application, the entire application must be completed and signed in appropriate areas.
  3. An application is processed after a completed application and $40 application fee are submitted.
  4. If mailing applications and checks, please send to: Georges & Company, 700 Harris Street, Suite 204, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

Application Fee

  1. The application fee is $40 per application. Married couples may file one application as co-applicants.
  2. There is no refund to the application fee once an application has begun being processed.
  3. Processing of the application begins after the full application and fee are submitted.

Application Approval Criteria

  • All applications will be screened for credit and rental history.
  • Gross income should be three times the rental amount.
  • Property ownership history will be reviewed instead of rental history, if applicable.

Rental History:

  1. All applicants’ previous rental history will be reviewed.
  2. Property ownership references will be reviewed instead of rental history, if applicable.
  3. Negative rental history reports can result in denial of application.

Credit check:

  1. All applicants’ credit report will be reviewed. Consistent, on-time payments will be considered. We do not consider credit score.
  2. Georges & Company can accept discharged bankruptcies if applicant has re-established credit. A minimum security deposit of two months’ rent will be required for all applicants claiming a bankruptcy within the past four years.
  3. Proof of income may be required.
  4. Negative credit reports can result in denial of application.

Processing of Application:

  1. Applicants will be notified within a week of approval/denial. Georges & Company reserves the right to extend the period to review more documentation.
  2. If multiple applications are received on a property, Georges & Company, acting as the Agent of the Property Owner, will make a decision based on what is in the best interest of the Property Owner. We do not base selection on first come, first serve.
  3. Approval of an application makes the applicant eligible to sign a lease. Properties are only considered leased when the lease is signed, security deposit paid and the first month’s prorated rent is paid.
  4. Georges & Company will continue to market properties until properties are leased, as defined above.
  5. All signed leases are binding.

Disclosure of Brokerage Relationship:

Georges & Company and its Agents represent and are acting on behalf of the Property Owner as the owner’s agent. The Agents and the Applicant(s) acknowledge the agency relationship of the Agent and the Owner. The Agents do not represent the Applicant(s).


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